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Courtesy Coverage - Overdraft Protection
What is Courtesy Coverage™?
Courtesy Coverage™ is an extended service to you, our valued customer, which may help you avoid the embarrassment of returned items and the inconvenience of merchant fees. If an item is received at the bank where insufficient funds exist to pay that item, we are under no obligation to pay that item. However, in an effort to provide excellent service and because we appreciate your business, at our discretion, we will strive to pay checks and other items when possible up to a $100* deficit balance for accounts in good standing.
Mistakes happen and can be both embarrassing and expensive. Manage your finances carefully, but know that if something unexpected happens in your account, our Courtesy Coverage™ program may allow your overdrawn items to be paid, rather than be returned unpaid.
Courtesy Coverage™ is not a line of credit and it should not be used to finance routine expenses. It’s a service to help you manage and protect your account.
How will it benefit me?
We hope this program helps you understand how we make overdraft decisions. When you make an honest mistake balancing the checkbook or a deposit you expected was delayed, know that Citizens Bank’s commitment to a gold standard of service means that we will try to pay your items even when insufficient funds exist up to $100*.
How do I use my Courtesy Coverage™? 
It is automatic if you overdraw your account by check. However, if you want Citizens Bank to cover your debit ATM transactions and debit card purchases, you must authorize an opt-in. You may elect to opt-in to our institution’s payment of overdrafts at ATMs and everyday debit card transactions by calling us at 304.636.4095 or completing a consent form at any Citizens location.
How will I know I am overdrawn?
We will mail you a letter to notify you immediately any time your account is overdrawn. If you use an ATM, internet banking, or bank-by-phone, you can see your current account balance which does not include any overdraft limit. If your account balance stays positive you will not be overdrawn and will not incur NSF fees.
What if I overdraw more than $100?
If items arrive on your account when insufficient funds exist, we may pay the items up to $100* as part of our service policy. In most instances, any checks written which exceed that amount will be returned. If you have special circumstances please call us. We want to serve you.
Is there a charge for this service?
There is no fee for enrollment in this service. Your account will be charged our standard overdraft fee of $33 for each item that overdraws your account. Remember that this fee is per item. An additional charge of $33 is assessed if your account is overdrawn ten days or more. For example, if you have two overdrawn items your overdraft fees would total $66; if your account remains in overdraft status for ten days or more, your fees would total $99.
What overdraft transactions are covered?
A fee may be imposed for covering overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means. 
What if I don’t want this service?
If you do not want Courtesy Coverage™ on your checking account we will gladly remove this feature. Keep in mind that there are no additional fees for having Courtesy Coverage™; the only difference is our normal response if you happen to overdraw your account. To have the Courtesy Coverage™ feature removed please contact your local branch to opt out of the program. Additionally, you may revoke your election to opt-in to our institution’s payment of overdrafts at ATMs and everyday debit card transactions at any time by calling us at 304.636.4095 or completing a consent form at any Citizens location.
How quickly do I have to deposit funds to cover an overdraft? 
Our expectation is that you will quickly deposit funds to cover any overdrafts. Our program states that if you do not deposit funds to cover your overdraft in 10 days we will send you additional letters and contact you to discuss any problems you may have. If you go 30 continuous days with a negative balance we will suspend your Courtesy Coverage™ service until your account is in good standing. We may also elect to close your account.
Do I have to apply for this service?
No. Our Courtesy Coverage™ service is automatically added to all our checking accounts which meet our requirements and are in good standing. However, in order to authorize Citizens Bank to pay overdrafts at ATMs and everyday debit card transactions, you must complete an opt-in consent form or call us at 304.636.4095. Please refer to the Courtesy Coverage™ program on the back of this brochure for additional information.
*Courtesy Coverage™ covers up to $100 in overdrafts on your new account. After 90 days, for accounts in good standing this limit may increase to $600. We will notify you in writing at the time of the change.
Courtesy Coverage™ Program
Citizens Bank of West Virginia is committed to providing excellent service. Therefore, the Bank, in its sole and absolute discretion, may elect to pay a Non-Sufficient Funds (an NSF) item drawn on your checking account if that account has been open for at least 60 days and the Bank considers you and your account to be in good standing. Good standing may include any or all of the following criteria:
•You make regular deposits to your checking account in amounts generally sufficient to pay your checks or other items on a consistent basis;
•You are not in default on any loan or obligation that you owe to the Bank;
•Your account is not subject to any legal or administrative order of levy;
•Your checking account will not be overdrawn by more than $600 plus applicable fees after the Bank pays the NSF item and all applicable fees including, without limitation, non-sufficient fund/overdraft fees, as set forth in the Bank’s fee schedule(s) and Deposit Services Agreement. 

Courtesy Coverage is not an overdraft line of credit. Citizens Bank is not obligated to pay any check, preauthorized payment order, or other item drawn on your account if your account does not contain sufficient funds when the item (“NSF Item”) is presented for payment. Courtesy Coverage will apply only if Citizens Bank elects to pay your NSF Item rather than to return it unpaid. If Citizens Bank elects to pay an NSF Item, you agree to pay the Bank the amount of your overdraft, plus all applicable fees, immediately without further notice or demand. Citizens Bank’s election to pay an NSF Item does not obligate the Bank to pay any other NSF Item. The Bank is not obligated to provide prior written notice of its decision to pay or not to pay an NSF Item.

Citizens Bank’s Courtesy Coverage program is non-contractual and can be changed or withdrawn at any time without notice, including but not limited to when, in Citizens Bank’s assessment, a customer is using Courtesy Coverage in either a fiscally irresponsible manner or in lieu of obtaining an appropriate credit device. You and each Authorized Signer on your account will be liable for each NSF Item paid by the Bank as provided in your Deposit Agreement. Citizens Bank may (without prior notice and when permitted by applicable law) set off the funds in your account against any due and payable debt you owe the Bank now or in the future. In the case of a joint account, each joint depositor agrees that the Bank may
use the money in the account to satisfy any of his or her individual or joint obligations. Credit agencies may be notified if overdrafts are not cured promptly. It is the policy of Citizens Bank to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and to conduct business in accordance with applicable safety and soundness standards. Your Deposit Account Terms and Conditions controls the duties, obligations and rights of the Depositor, the Authorized Signatories and Citizens Bank with regard to your deposit accounts. Your Deposit Account Terms and Conditions are incorporated herein for all purposes as if it were set forth verbatim, and its terms shall control any possible conflict between any provisions of this Courtesy Coverage Program and the Deposit Account Terms and Conditions.
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