Online Banking
Features of Citizens Christmas Club:
  • $25.00 initial deposit required to open
  • Make deposits anytime throughout the year 
  • Automatic payments may be made from another Citizens account
  • Interest bearing account
  • Account matures in October and club savings is deposited to a Citizens checking or savings account
  • Early closing fee and forfeiture of accrued interest if closed before maturity
  • Auto transfers continue unless an expiration date is indicated

Small amounts saved regularly add up to a sizeable sum:
Just choose the amount you'd like to save each week and watch it grow in time for the holidays. Interest earned on the account is not included in the example below. Your account after 50 weeks would be more once the interest is posted.

Example: 50 weeks of deposits
  • $10.00/week - $500.00
  • $15.00/week - $750.00
  • $20.00/week - $1,000.00
  • $25.00/week - $1,250.00
Online Banking