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Citizens Bank’s Trust Services has over five decades of experience of creating trusts that meet our clients' personal needs and circumstances, as well as administering trusts of all types. Our trust administrators have extensive knowledge of estate and tax-planning issues along with an in-depth understanding of the many ways a trust can help you achieve your charitable-giving goals.

We offer free Trust Consultations. Call 304.637.2184 to schedule an appointment. 

When It's a Matter of Trust...
A trust is an arrangement whereby you transfer legal title of specified property to a trustee, who manages it on behalf of your beneficiaries according to the provisions you set forth in the trust documents. Properly set up and managed, a trust can:
  • Assure that your estate passes to the people you intended to inherit it
  • Avoid probate delays
  • Protect your beneficiaries from losing their inheritance through inexperience or unscrupulous individuals
  • Relieve your loved ones from making decisions about, and keeping records of, investments and other money matters
  • Provide you with peace of mind

In choosing an executor or trustee, you may think first of a spouse or family member. But, in addition to considering whether you want to burden your loved ones with this responsibility, consider Citizens’ Trust Department who is:
  • Financially savvy
  • Responsible
  • Experienced at the many tasks required by these duties
  • Sympathetic, yet impartial
  • Always available

Our full-time trust staff has many years of experience in the financial and legal complexities of estate planning and administration. They'll be here for your family when you're no longer able to be. You do not have to be wealthy to benefit from our trust services. Our fees are reasonable, and we will be pleased to offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and circumstances. Let us hear from you soon.

 Trust Services

 Trusts Under Will

Set up through the provisions of your will and allow you to retain ownership and control over your property during your lifetime. You can change your will and the provisions of the trust as changes in your family's circumstances require. Upon your death, your appointed trustee steps in to manage the assets for the benefit of your heirs.

 Living Trust

Similar to trusts under will, except that they begin to operate during your lifetime. To create a living trust, you transfer some of your assets or property to your trustee, who manages it for you and your loved ones. Upon death, the trust continues to operate for your beneficiaries, without any legal complications or delay. Living Trusts may be revocable or irrevocable. The former allows you to abolish the trust completely or change its provisions, to withdraw assets or direct their investment. The latter limits your benefits from, and control over the trust, but can reduce your current income tax, as well as estate tax.

 Life Insurance Trusts

Funded by proceeds from your insurance which are paid directly to the trustee, who then manages the money for your heirs. Depending on the type of life insurance trust created, you may retain all rights to your insurance, such as the ability to borrow against your policies, to cash in or convert them, or to change your beneficiaries.

 Custody Services

Provide assistance with consolidating your existing investments, record keeping, collecting income, and carrying out investment trades. A custody arrangement provides a statement with current asset values and a transaction history to ease the burden of record keeping.

 Agency Account Services

Let you direct your financial affairs outlined by a governing document. We can protect your assets, provide investment management, collect income, pay bills, and have income tax returns prepared.

 Estate Settlement Services

Name Citizens Bank of West Virginia as the executor or co executor in your will, providing you with great peace of mind. In addition, our experienced staff knows and understands estate settlement procedures, has expertise in legal procedures and investment management. Probably the most important reason to have our Trust Department involved is to avoid disputes that can arise among family members when an individual is settling the estate. The bank acts as an intermediary and distributes the assets as instructed in the will.

 Corporate Agency Services

Offer a variety of fiduciary and agency products and services to public and private corporations, and government entities.

Investment and Insurance Products:
  • Are Not insured by the FDIC or any other federal government agency
  • Are Not deposits of or guaranteed by a Bank
  • May Lose Value
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