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A Century of Community Banking

Citizens Bank of West Virginia 100th anniversary


January 22, 1924: Citizens National Bank was established in Elkins, West Virginia, in the Cain Building on Davis Avenue, during the era that ushered in following World War I. Its founders focused on the mission of assisting the financial needs of its depositors, large and small, who were mostly employed in the prospering timber, coal, and railroad industries in Randolph County.


1924 building

Heavner Building | 1927

  • 1927: The bank moved to the Heavner Building on the corner of Third Street and Kerens Avenue to accommodate increased business.


  • 1940: A night depository was installed to offer more services to customers. 


Woman at drive up teller window

First Drive-In Window | 1957

  • 1953: The area’s first Installment Loan Department opened. 
  • 1957: The area’s first drive-in window was installed.


  • 1964: A Trust Department was added to offer more services.


  • 1977: A drive-thru facility was built across the street from the main office in Elkins.


Citizens National Bank 1981

Citizens National Bank | 1981

  • 1982: The area’s first Automated Teller Machine (ATM) was put into operation.
  • 1983: A new building addition was completed at the main office in Elkins, with 1077 safe deposit boxes and heated sidewalks. 
Tucker County Branch building

Parsons Office | 1984

  • 1984: The Parsons office was opened. 
  • 1985: West Virginia was hit with the worst flood in 100 years, causing the Parsons office to flood. 
  • 1987: The Citizens National Bank of Elkins became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citizens Financial Corp.


Tygart Valley Branch building

Tygart Valley Branch | 1992

  • 1992: The Tygart Valley Branch in Beverly was opened. 
  • 1994: The Tygary Valley Branch was robbed. The suspects were arrested and charged with federal bank robbery and aiding and abetting.
  • 1999: Brokerage Services were added.


Snowshoe branch building

Snowshoe Branch | 2000

  • 2000: A branch was opened in Snowshoe. 
  • 2002: ATM services were made available to Tucker County customers.
  • 2004: Online banking was launched. 
  • 2009: Citizens National Bank converted from a nationally-charted institution to a state-charted institution under the new name Citizens Bank of West Virginia.


  • 2013: Mobile Banking was introduced, another banking first for the area. 
  • 2016: A Home Lending Center was opened in Buckhannon, and fixed-rate mortgages were added to the menu of loan products. 
  • 2018: A full-service facility was erected in downtown Buckhannon to better serve Upshur County customers.
  • 2019: The Elkins drive-thru facility was relocated adjacent to the main office with high-definition video chat technology.
Elkins Drive-Thru Relocation

Elkins Drive-Thru Relocation | 2019


  • 2020: A tandem drive-thru lane was added to the Beverly office featuring high-definition video chat technology.
  • 2020: The Beverly office was robbed for a second and third time in February and August. The suspect was arrested and charged after committing a bank robbery in another state.
  • 2021: Citizens acquired two branches in Buckhannon and New Martinsville.
New Martinsville branch building

New Martinsville Branch | 2021


January 22, 2024

As we mark this 100-year milestone, we are incredibly grateful to all who have made Citizens Bank a success.

photo of employees and board of directors gathered in lobby with "100" balloons