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Treasury Management

Improve Your Cash Flow

Whether you have basic cash management needs or require more complex solutions, our team of professionals will work with you to deliver services tailored to your business. We specialize in creating a suite of Treasury Management solutions designed to meet your unique needs.


Keep your business moving forward by streamlining processes, expenses and transactions.

ACH Electronic Payments

An ACH transfer is an electronic money transfer that is processed through the Automated Clearing House Network (ACH). ACH transfers are a way to move money between accounts at different banks electronically so you can send or receive money quickly and securely. The ACH network processes two kinds of ACH transactions: debits and credits.

Conveniently utilize ACH Services through Digital Banking. ACH transfers may be initiated by uploading a spreadsheet template, NACHA formatted file, or by creating a single item. Our team will provide customized training and ongoing support.


  • Send and receive funds quickly and securely from one bank account to another.
  • Easily execute consumer, business and government transactions.
  • Eliminate the cost and waste of sending, receiving and processing checks.
  • Utilize for direct deposit employee payroll.
  • Enjoy quicker access to funds.
  • Create templates for recurring and one-time payments.


  • Payroll/Direct Deposit
  • Vendor Payments
  • Distribution & Commission Payments
  • Tax Payments
  • and More!

Outgoing Wire Transfers

Easily send and track wire transfers quickly and securely.


  • Wire funds domestically and internationally
  • Ensure timely payments and reduce expenses from paper-based transactions.
  • Process transfers immediately or schedule for a future date
  • Obtain prompt confirmation of transfers for security and record-keeping

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Business Bill Pay

Pay your bills any time of day from any place you have Internet access with Bill Pay through digital banking. Save postage, time, and easily manage and review your payment activity!

  • Pay anyone you would normally pay by check—any company or individual in the U.S.
  • Schedule future and recurring payments
  • Easily view your payment history
  • Get emails to confirm that payment has been sent
  • Create bill payment reports
  • Make a one-time Expedited or Overnight Check payment to a participating payee**

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* Messaging and Data Rates May Apply. Check with your mobile phone carrier for details.
** Fees may apply.

Payroll Cards Powered by MOCA

MOCA is a Next-Generation card-based payment platform that allows you to issue virtual or physical debit cards on demand

A MOCA Prestige Payroll Card is made for paying wages to employees and contractors – eliminating the need for checks. MOCA Prestige Cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and can be used by your employees in stores, online, in a digital wallet, or to get cash from an ATM or cash back at a merchant terminal. More convenient for you and better for your employees. A win-win.

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Optimize your cash flow by simplifying account receivables with traditional or electronic methods.

ACH Collection

Send us your customer-authorized debits in a single electronic file to enable faster processing of your funds.

Remote Deposit

remote deposit scannerIf your business receives check payments, our remote deposit is designed to streamline your deposit process and improve your cash flow.

Remote Deposit enables businesses to electronically deposit a wide variety of paper checks. For businesses that deposit checks each day, Remote Deposit is a more convenient way to make deposits and receive funds faster all while reducing liability and personnel expense of trips and time spent going to the bank. From small businesses to large corporations, our robust Remote Deposit is a secure delivery system that puts the ability to make deposits right at your fingertips – on your own schedule – 24/7 – from your own office.

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Credit Card Processing

Accepting Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for payment is one way to instantly become accessible to more consumers and other businesses. Citizens Bank can customize a merchant program to fit your processing needs and assist with the necessary equipment purchase and set-up.

Using Apple Pay at payment terminal


  • Retail
  • Restaurant (including fast food)
  • Lodging
  • Mail or Telephone Order
  • Internet or e-Commerce
  • Government
  • Service
  • Business-to-Business

Accept Multiple Payment Types All major credit cards, debit cards (signature and/or PIN based), Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) payments and purchasing cards for corporate/government organizations.
“Gift & Loyalty Card Programs” Gift and loyalty cards are a less expensive, more effective alternative to traditional advertising.
Ecommerce & Mobile Solutions Accept payments through your website with shopping cart technology, or via your mobile device or tablet.
Reports & Billing View reports online and receive customized billing statements. You may also integrate QuickBooks® with your merchant account.

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Liquidity Management

Put extra cash to work with Intrafi Network Deposits

Safe, Insured Deposits

Earn interest on your deposits with FDIC-insured accounts today. Our IntraFi Network Deposit options, ICS® and CDARS®, are smart, convenient cash management or longer-term investment tools to safeguard your large deposits over the standard FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000.

Insured Cash Sweep | ICS

Insured Cash Sweep (ICS) funds are eligible for multi-million dollar FDIC insurance and puts excess cash balances to work in an interest bearing checking account that earns you interest.

  • Money is always on deposit in regulated, FDIC-insured institutions
  • If you have funds in both CDARS and through ICS under the same tax identification number, the ICS system is programmed to recognize existing CDARS placements and exclusions
  • Online tools available to monitor funds

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CDARS is a Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service that offers full FDIC insurance on deposit amounts larger than $250,000.

If you’re not using CDARS, you are having to:

  • Open accounts in multiple names, deal directly with multiple banks
  • Negotiate several interest rates
  • Manually consolidate statements every month
  • Track changing collateral values for collateralized deposits

If you open a CDARS account, you will

  • Deal with Citizens Bank of West Virginia only
  • Earn one interest rate
  • Receive one account statement
  • Avoid having to track all your deposits


Reduce Your Fraud Exposure

Implement a fraud detection service that identifies and prevents potentially fraudulent or unauthorized check and ACH payments.

Check Positive Pay

Check Positive Pay is a service that provides early detection of fraudulent, altered or counterfeit checks through a daily verification of checks presented for payment against a check issue file.


  • Significantly reduce exposure to check fraud
  • Review front and back of check image for verification
  • Easily process exceptions that require your review
  • Make your own pay or return decisions on suspect items

How it Works:

  • Upload check issue files or single items through Digital Banking each day checks are written.
  • The Bank will match the account number, check number, and dollar amount of each check against the list of checks previously authorized by your company.
  • When a check does not have a “match,” it becomes an “exception item” flagged in Digital Banking for your review daily.
  • You, as the business, provide authorization to the bank on whether to pay or return checks that do not match the check-issue files.

ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay is a service which allows you to manage ACH debits and/or credits posting to your business account via filters and blocks.


  • Significantly reduce exposure to ACH fraud
  • Monitor and detect unusual or unauthorized ACH’s
  • Receive notification of exception items requiring your review
  • Add filters or blocks when transactions present as exceptions

How it Works:

  • Upon setup, you will be shown how to establish specific filters and blocks on your business account
    • ACH Transaction Filters: Specify which ACH debit entries should be allowed to post. This can prevent unauthorized transactions while allowing certain transactions to occur as expected.
    • ACH Transaction Block: Prevent all ACH activity from posting to an account. This can prevent unauthorized electronic transactions from occurring on your account.
  • When an ACH item does not match what was established, it becomes an “exception item” and authorized or rejected by you


Business Digital Banking on laptop

Easily manage your bank accounts when and where you want – ideal for businesses of all sizes. Free & Premium options are available with expanded reporting and enhanced functionality to meet the needs of your business.

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Natisha Shifflett, Business Banker

Make an appointment to meet with Natisha, our Business Banker, to discuss how to manage your cash flow and working capital more efficiently using our suite of innovative tools and services, including accounts payable and receivables.