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MOCA Visa Debit Card

Personal & Business Reward Debit Cards





With your MOCA Card, you can issue virtual or physical debit cards on demand and earn unlimited cash-back rewards.

  • Self-issue virtual or physical cards
  • Self-issue virtual or physical cards to family members or employees and monitor and control those cards
  • Reload eligible cards
  • Make contactless payments
  • Add cards to digital wallets
  • Turn cards on and off
  • Set extensive card controls, such as spending limits and card curfews
  • Control your MOCA Cards through your phone or computer
  • Send money quickly with no fees
  • And more!

Load Money Onto Your Card With NO FEES

  1. Set Up Direct Deposit: Go to the “3 dot” menu on the desktop or mobile app and click “Payroll Direct Deposit” and follow the prompts.
  2. Transfer from Another Bank Account: Login to your bank’s digital banking and set up an external funds transfer using your Prime Card’s routing and account numbers which you can find by clicking “Details”

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CBWV MOCA Prime card

Earn Unlimited Cash-Back Rewards

MOCA allows you to earn cash-back rewards with every qualifying purchase. Even better, MOCA doesn’t cap the rewards you can earn each month. Maximizing your rewards is easy!

  • Making PIN purchases earns 5 MOCA coins per purchase
  • Making PINless purchases earns 1 MOCA coin per every $1 spent
  • Do at least 10 overall MOCA Card transactions in a calendar month, and you will double your rewards!
  • Redeem your MOCA Coins for cash-back in your phone or computer app anytime

Give Your Kids a Card YOU Control

  1. Self-issue a virtual Family Card for your kids for free.
  2. Load their allowance onto it with a weekly scheduled transfer.
  3. Instantly fund the card when they call and say “I need money!”.
  4. Maintain control and safeguards over their spending with quick and easy controls, including;
    • Block merchant categories
    • Set spending limits
    • Restrict by location.
  5. Receive alerts and purchase notifications


Personal Cards

PRIME: Primary cards linked to checking accounts.

FAMILY: Reloadable cards for children or anyone who can use some financial oversight. Prime cardholder issues the card and can monitor transactions in real time and control where the card is used.

CASH: Reloadable prepaid card that the Prime cardholder can monitor.

GIFT: Non-reloadable gift card with a $1,000 card limit.

Business Cards

PREMIER: Business’s primary card linked to a business checking account.

PURCHASE: A business can issue reloadable cards to its employees or departments, monitor transactions in real time, and control when and where the card is used.

PRESTIGE (Payroll): Employers can issue reloadable cards to employees. The employer cannot monitor the cards’ usage.

APPRECIATION: Business non-reloadable gift card with a $1,000 card limit.