Online Banking
24-Hour Telephone Banking (888.444.4262)
Telebanking is FREE when you open any Citizens Bank account and offers quick and easy access to account and transaction information using an automated voice service. Your information is secure, protected by your unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). 

  • Check DDA or savings balances
  • Check the date and amount of last deposit
  • Check YTD interest
  • Check on last ten checks, deposits or withdrawals posted
  • Check on most recent loan payment made and next payment due
  • Make loan payments from checking or savings
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Receive a statement via fax
  • Hear our bank locations and hours
  • Hear our current event messages

Merchants may call the number to verify that an account has sufficient funds to pay a check. They do not need a PIN to access this feature. They need only the account number, check number and the check amount. The system will tell them only whether sufficient funds are available – no other information is given.

Click here to download helpful telebanking instructions.
Online Banking
Instant Balance lets you check your balance at a glance. Learn more.
Online banking. Anytime. Anywhere.